Ten-year-old Lucy and her parents live on Earth in the last throes of its final holocaust. Their only hope is being accepted as refugees on another world; but one rejection letter after another eats away at their hope, while death closes in on them.

Hope revives when a stranger arrives with a letter of acceptance from the mysterious planet, Andorpha.

While Lucy, her best friend, Kim, and her parents wait to board the space ship, her parents are killed.

Lucy faces danger and growth as she comes to grips with her parents’ death, and the strange customs of Andorpha. While her best friend-cum-sister, Kim, laps up Andorphian love like warm milk, Lucy wonders if it’s all too good to be true.

When Lucy learns the Andorphians believe their planet is under a curse, she begins to suspect there is a reason she and her family were so readily accepted as refugees.

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A Very Special House

The smoke from her gun was followed by a burning pain in my side and a gush of red. Dizzy and suddenly cold with terror, I fell to the ground. 

It hadn’t been personal. Not this time. 

Stray bullet. Wrong place, wrong time, and all because I came back. 

The last thing I heard was the man, Al, screaming at her to drop the weapon and call 911. 

I was nearly overpowered by the damnedest urge to laugh. Paramedics busting in to save me, finding the gun, calling the cops while I bled out. 

She dropped the gun and stared down at me. “Can’t you bleed somewhere else? God, my deck!” 

I patted her arm, or thought I did. “Don’t worry, dear. Your cell will be squeaky clean,” I said, or thought I did. 

She didn’t respond, just looked at me in horror. 

The last thing I felt was my temperature dropping, and such awful weakness, plus a strange sort of thinning, a widening, as though I were spilled water, as if I were melting into the rough wooden boards. 

The last thing I thought was, Who will find my journal, and how will my kids know what I’ve written for them to see? 

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